AKC trial 12/27-28

We are off to a great start. This was my first AKC agility trial. I had two qualifing runs and two 1st place.. WOO HOO!!

My great pics from the Saturday and Sunday.

My history

This is me when I was a baby. Wow I had a big head. Since then I have worked very hard to learn agility.

When I was nine months old I tried herding sheep. That was my instinct test. I passed, with flying colors.

I learned how to do a dog walk on this baby version my dad made me.

This was my little tunnel I learned to run through. I love to go tunnel. :)

In 2008 I got grown up agility toys to practice on. Thanks dad. :)

My first agility trial

After two years of training I finally went to my first agility trial. We had a great time. I had 6 runs at this trial and on 4 of them I qualified.. YEAH! And on all four I took first place. Yep thats right.. four blues for me. My dad was so proud, he wants to be my manager now.