Splash Dog Finals on Sunday 4/19/09. Another record breaking jump for me!! ELEVEN FEET FIVE INCHES. Watch my video, I am such a crowd pleaser!


Ok, here it is, my new World Record Splash Dog Jump by breed, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, ELEVEN FEET ONE INCH. I beat my own record by ONE FOOT.
Yeah ~ sing along ~ WHO LET THE DOGS OUT ~ WOOF ~ WOOF WOOF ~ WOOF WOOF ~ Check out the video.

Jack gets his NAJ

Agility trial 04/04-05. I needed two more Q's (qualifying runs) to get my next title for jumpers with weaves. Novice Agility Jumpers, NAJ. And I did it! One Q on Saturday and again on Sunday. We had a small slip up on Sunday, I did exactly what I was suppose to but Mom turned wrong and pulled me off of a jump. Its ok, I fixed it for her with a great come back. Enjoy my video, and plan on seeing more. Mom is taking an early retirement from her job. Now she can spend all day with us. Gee, I hope she has enough money for my food.