Jack gets his NAJ

Agility trial 04/04-05. I needed two more Q's (qualifying runs) to get my next title for jumpers with weaves. Novice Agility Jumpers, NAJ. And I did it! One Q on Saturday and again on Sunday. We had a small slip up on Sunday, I did exactly what I was suppose to but Mom turned wrong and pulled me off of a jump. Its ok, I fixed it for her with a great come back. Enjoy my video, and plan on seeing more. Mom is taking an early retirement from her job. Now she can spend all day with us. Gee, I hope she has enough money for my food.


  1. Great job Jack. It looks like you and Kimmy are having a lot of fun. It looks like a lot of hard work. Hopefully she buys you some yummy kibbles for all your hard work. Maybe your Uncle Matt will send you some salmon later this summer. (If he can catch one:) )

  2. Thank Ninny, I would love some salmon. Yeah mom cooks for me now and again. :)